Welcome to our UPSTAIRS website. Here we present our Home Lifts, House Lifts, Wheelchair lifts or platform lifts and stairlifts or staircase lifts. We call them our special lifts. These lift are special because they are made for domestic usage, or for in private homes. They require minimum maintenance and simple to handle. Also because they move a lot slower than commercial lifts.

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vertical moving home lift

Vertical moving cabin lifts, or called home lifts, or house lifts. The lift capacity range from 400kg (Home lift A400) to 1000kg (Home lift A1000).

On the right menu and in the top menu you can choose the various options of this home lift type.

Select: Home lift A400-A1000

vertical moving wheelchair lift

Vertical moving platform lift (B300), is an open platform lift, with a maximum lifting height of 3 meter. ICan be indoor as well as outdoor.

On the right menu and in the top menu you can choose vertical moving wheelchair lift.

Select: Vertical Platform Lift

wheelchair lift moving along the staircase

Inclined moving platform lift ( the platform moves slighty higher than the steps). It moves in a straight line just above the steps. (S300F).

On the right menu and in the top menu you can choose moving wheelchair lift along the steps.

Select: Inclined Platform Lift

stairlift lift moving along the staircase

Besides the 3 special lifts mentioned above, we also have a staircase lift or stairlift. This is a chair with motor which moves over a rail from one floor to the next.

For this we have a separate website. Use the below button to have a look there.

Go to Stairlift website