Installation requirements


Below we have stated some of the site preparation, or lift installation requirements for the client (or 3rd party) to perform. This needs to be in place before the installation can be done.

  1. We use a trolley to move the equipment once it has been dropped off by truck. We require a hard and level surface to move the equipment.
  2. Provide dry, clean, safe and secure storage of the lift equipment if the lift is not installed immediately or within the following 2 days.  The location of the storage area shall be agreed with us and be close to the lift position area. Approximately 5 square meters is required. Total weight is approximately 1200kg.
  3. Provision of a dedicated 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A, 5 x 2,5 mm², 50 Hz fused to 24 amps. All must be in accordance with Malaysia Standards. This is to be provided and be able to be powered up before the installation.
  4. One of the most importan installation requirements is the provision of power socket (minimum is the wiring to be installed at the base of the lift; location 1 meter above the ground, in the centre of the wall where the lift is fixed to (in case no wall the socket need to be installed in close vicinity of the lift, for future maintenance purposes.
  5. Location and disconnection of any existing services in the vicinity of the work area and notifying our installation team of their location and activities.
  6. Electrical supply for hand tools at each landing to be supplied.
  7. After the test and commissioning of the lift by means of a check list, the lift will be handed over to the user or equivalent person of responsibility. This person needs to be available during this time.
  8. Make good walls, floors and ceilings affected by lift installation, including but not limited to the joint between the lift shaft and the house.
  9. Supply skip or other rubbish removal device.