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Educated as an electrical engineer at one of the top universities of The Netherlands passionate about serving people. Married to Ng Bee Hiong from Sekinchan and a blessed father of 4 children. Mr. Luke Balvers, was involved in the electronic design for chairlifts all the back in the 1980′s. When he moved to Malaysia in the year 1995, he was asked by the lift manufacturer to promote and support staircase lifts in Malaysia.

Mr. Balvers always has a good heart for all his clients. During his active time in Malaysia the vast number of his clients all became his friends. Currently he is concentrating on the online marketing of the staircase lifts in the South East Asian region.




Ms Lim started with us as an account executive, taking good care of the daily financials of the company. While the company grew bigger she also become more involved with the company. Now she is one of the director and we are very proud of her accuracy, the love of being organised and always thinking who to improve our service to our clients. She is a true asset to our company. Mother of almost 3 children.






Ms. Ng Bee HiongMs.Angie has been with us for more than 8 year. She has studied marketing and business strategy at the University of Leeds in the UK. After working in the UK she moved back to Malaysia in 2000 and soon became part of our team. Although she manages the finances of the company, she has a passion for people. Most of our clients considers Ms. Angie as her friends. Taking care of her 4 children has taken some of her time away from the involvement of the company, but at the backgroud she is always there.