NTD A400C combines all the benefits of the cabin lift and platform lift to offer a brand new design that focuses on overcoming a number of existing customer issues, including space restrictions. It is often used as a home elevator, or private elevator for wheelchair users, or simple as an elderly lift.

Combining all the benefits of a cabin lift and a platform lift, this design offers an inexpensive and space saving solution. While traditional cabin lifts require the use of a pit, this cabin lift design of the NTD A400C is the ideal choice in buildings with limited space and can be installed almost anywhere, as it needs only a 70mm pit due to its internal machine room. NTD A400C can travel up to 13 meters and six landings.

The integrated control panel is easy to use, with tactile push buttons and clear, easy to read instructions.
The lift is operated via a screw and nut drive, where special effort has been put on a silent and smooth drive. Swing doors in steel are available in any RAL, aluminum doors or fire rated doors are available as an alternative. The inner folding door has an automatic function with a central opening.

The elevator meets legal requirements and NTD A400C can be installed quickly and easily within 3-4 days.

Additional features can be added to ensure the options.

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Technical specifications A400 C


Description Feature Description
Indoor / outdoor Indoor only Car doors Folding door
Rated load 400kg Shaft door measurements 900 x 2000mm
Speed 0.15m/sec Car door measurements 900 x 2100mm
Drive system Screw and nut drive Gate measurement n/a
Lifting height 13 meters (max 6 stops) Driving system Screw and nut
Min space at top level 2500mm Control system Micro computer control system
Pit 70mm or no pit with ramp Power supply standard 400Volt 3phase 50Hz 16Amp
Operating system Hold to run on platform and extrenal switch by impuls Motor power 2.2kWatt
Standard car dimension 1100 x 1400mm x 2200mm (width x length x height) Control buttons – from inside the car ** Autorun from landings
Standard shaft dimension 1460 x 1520mm Machine room in lift or seperated
Footprint dimension 1500 x 1630mm Manufactured NTD; Sweden
Standard shaft finish steel panels RAL 9016 Power supply options 230 Volt 3 phase 50/60Hz; 16Amp
Shaft door configuration Single entry; open through ** If no folding doors are included; light curtains are installed and hold to run for the platform will apply.
Shaft door Single hinged

Features of the NTD A400C

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