Home lift or house lift for private usage

Our home lift or house lift is designed for private housing. What makes it special for house usage?


  • It has an automatic lowering system, so that in  case of power failure or other errors occurring, the lift can be moved to the lowest level. You as a user can go out of the lift at any time. This is different with the commercial lifts, they need to have a response number to call 24 hours to rescue people out of the lift.
  • It is designed for usage at home. That means it is not designed to move as much as a commercial lift. It is not that the lift cannot handle that usage but more frequent maintenance need to be done.
  • It is much slower moving lift, than a commercial lift and the maximum length is limited by the screw nut type of drive system. The lifting height is limited to 13 meter maximum.




References in private houses
Name Client Type of lift Number of floors
Kuching Client; Private house NTD A400 3 meter; 2 stop
Penang Client; Pulau Tikus; Penang Island NTD A400  9 meter; 3 stop