Home lift or house lift for public usage

Our home lift or house lift can be used for public usage, there are a few differences you need to be clear about


  • The lift needs more maintenance visitations than for a house or home lift. Typical from 4 visits per year you need 6 to 12 visits per year depending on the usage.
  • The lift need to be protected for wear and tear by placing protective plates on the inner part of the doors.



References in public places
Name Client Type of lift Number of floors
LRT Station Hang Tua NTD A400 8 meter; 2 stop
Orion Hotel; Gurney drive; Pulau Penang NTD S300F 4 meter; 2 stop
LRT Station Cheras 2 x NTD A400 4 meter; 2 stop
LRT Station Bandar Tasik Selatan 1 x NTD A400 5 meter; 2 stop