“Moves along steps” platformlift

This Platformlift which moves along steps is discreet and has a modern design.

The NTD S300F is a part of NTD’s new generation of inclined platform lifts for straight stairs, approved according to all the latest European standards and regulations. The NTD S300F is a smart and versatile lift, whose soft, elegant lines and narrow design will allow it to blend in with most architectural environments.

However, there is a lot more to the NTD S300F design and concept than first meets the eye. The NTD S300F can be fitted just as well on the left hand side as on the right hand side of the stairs and thanks to a wide range of attachment solutions, the NTD S300F does not even require a wall for installation.

In parking mode, the platform of the NTD S300F folds up, while the safety barriers fold down behind it.
Not only does this make the lift extremely compact, it also leaves your staircase accessible and makes the lift vandal-proof. In fact, a parked NTD S300F requires
an incredibly small amount of space, only 237 mm, platform and rails included.

The NTD S300F is a strong and reliable lift, equipped with a micro computer based system for security controls and a smart service reminder function. High strength steel components, combined with a brand new electrical system and motor, allow
the lift to operate smoothly with a load of up to 300 kg, even in stairs as steep as 45˚.

The NTD S300F has been conceived to achieve fast delivery and easy installation. The standardised
platform and rails can be adapted directly on site and the lift is so easy to install that we will have it up and running for you in less than a day.

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